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Posted 3/22/2016 9:56pm by Athena Childs Fleisher.

This last week was a busy one on the farm. I took the week off work and my brother came up for his spring break from medical school and we joined Jesse as full time farmers for the week.  One of the things we focused on is the soil, the building block of all the nutritious and delicious food yet to come. We began our small farm concept with five 100' long beds last year. This year we plan for at least twenty five 100' beds, so there is a lot of digging to do.

 Weeding the Peas.

 It’s fun to watch Jesse combine his experience farming other people’s farms over the years with his agro-science knowledge and natural resources background as he plans our farm systems and organic style practices.

Spring beds taking shape...

 Jesse shows our niece what we are doing.

Jesse and June

 This is it folks… the first step to make delicious & nutritious food for you begins one shovelful at a time.

Jesse and Athena digging new beds.

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