2020 CSA Details and Description

Read below for CSA description, dates, costs, and pick up locations.

What is a CSA? By purchasing a share in our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), we form a relationship with you and you get to know us as the people who grow your food. You are buying a share of everything we are producing on the farm this season. Becoming a shareholder helps support a local family farm committed to growing the highest quality food. Your support is also a financial commitment. It enables us to prepare for the needs of the farm so that all of us can enjoy the bounty of the harvest not just this year, but for years to come.

Our CSA: If you become a member of our 2020 CSA, you'll be bringing our farm to your table and enjoying fresh, healthy produce every week (or every other week for "half" shares) for 25 weeks, starting the week of May 6 (or soon thereafter), and ending in November. We give our CSA a 2 to 3 week hiatus in August and/or early September [exact dates TBD], which gives our customers a break, and also gives us time to put in a really good fall planting of crops. CSA customers will get 25 weeks of produce regardless of the number of hiatus weeks we use in August/early-September.

You'll get a few cool season items at the beginning and end of the season, plus your summer favorites, and maybe a few things you haven't tried before! Check out our Harvest Dates Chart to get an idea of what you will get when. We'll provide recipes and storage/preservation information throughout the season to help sort out any kitchen kerfuffles, and you can always ask us questions via email (or call in an emergency).

Everything we grow/harvest to put in your in your CSA boxes will be free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and GMO's, which maybe isn't necessary, but which sure makes us farmers and our land happier (and hopefully makes you feel better too). We're proud of the food we grow, and we hope you'll share some with your friends and family, as we do with ours. Though we have not yet pursued organic certification due to costs that are increasingly geared towards larger scale farms than ours, we do follow all of the rules, and enjoy telling anyone that will listen about our sustainable farming techniques. 

A Full Share (for people who cook regularly, solid vegetarian eaters, or people who like putting food by), consists of 1 CSA box (or paper grocery bag size) valued ~$30/box (give or take a couple of dollars depending on the type of share you select). Each box will contain 6 to 10 vegetable/fruit  varieties each week. (Likely on the lower side early in the season, and on the higher end later in the season).

Half Shares (perfect for folks who cook less frequently) are the same as the full share described above, but only delivered every other week (we’ll schedule with you to determine which sequence of weeks you will be on).

Potential CSA members should note that nature may have plans that can affect varieties & yields of certain products. As CSA members you agree to accept this risk, along with the farmers themselves because the benefits are far greater than the possibilities of problems. Athena’s Harvest Farm employs good farming practices, and plants diverse varieties of plants to guard against nature’s plans, and we will do the best to find a substitute should one particular crop fail.

Each season, we choose a few items that we don't grow ourselves to source from other local sustainable farms for inclusion in our CSA offerings. Last year, these items included apples, blueberries, and muscadine grapes. Any time we are going to include something we did not grow ourselves, we are 100% transparent about its origins. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best variety of what's available at any point in the season. 

As a small farm that plans ahead, we cannot easily accommodate customer vacations, out of town trips or illness, including giving credit for missed pickups, so you may need to make other arrangements with a friend or neighbor for days you will be unable to pick up your share. If your share is not picked up, it will be donated to a local food pantry or the Nashville Food Project, fed to our hungry neighbors and interns, or composted for re-use on the farm.

*NEW FOR 2020*: We've got add-ons that showcase locally sourced, hand made products from our neighboring artisan friends! Add-ons include wood-fired breads, baked goodies, and toasted granola, and we also give you the option to add more of our own Athena's Harvest tomatoes and smoothie greens for folks that want them. Add-Ons are only available to folks who have signed up for one of our fruit/vegetable share options. Find out more details (prices, stories, photos etc.) about our awesome add-ons on the CSA Sign Up Page.


Pickup Locations:

We have 2 pickup locations in Nashville, 2 pickup locations in Maury County, and 1 pickup location in Dickson, TN.

  • 12 South Farmer's Market (Nashville - 12 South)
    • (Tuesdays 3:30-7pm)
  • Richland Park Farmers Market (Nashville - Charlotte Ave.)
    • (Saturdays 9am-12:30pm)
  • Columbia Arts Building - "The CAB" (Columbia, TN)
    • (Tuesdays 3:30-5:30pm)
  • On-Farm Pickup (Fly, TN / Santa Fe)
    • (Saturdays 2pm-7pm for those that live close by or want to visit the farm).
    • (Sundays 9am-10am)


2020 CSA Cost (same prices as last 3 years!):

  • Returning Member Full Share: $715
  • Early Bird Full Share (sign up before March 31): $720
  • Standard Full Share (sign up after March 31): $750
  • Returning Member Half Share: $380
  • Early Bird Half Share (sign up before March 31): $385
  • Standard Half Share (sign up after March 31): $415
  • Add-On Prices are on the next page...

Payment Options:

  • Pay up front (preferred) using check or credit card
  • Pay in monthly installments (credit card only)

Please note: Early Bird and Returning Member discounts do not appear and are not applied until you reach the actual checkout page. Discounts are applied automatically and cannot be combined.

Referral Rebate: Available to anyone who signs up for a 2020 share. Receive $10 if you refer a new member to us and they use your name in their sign-up responses. *No limit to the number of referrals you can make (they must complete sign up), and we'll bring you a check on the first day of CSA pickup. Limited - each new member can name only one referrer, and 2 new members cannot refer each other and both get the rebate.

Payment Options: We accept checks, cash, and all major credit cards. Payment may be made in one lump sum up front (all payment methods), or in scheduled monthly increments (credit cards only).

Click HERE to join our CSA! - Jesse & Athena

Cancellation/Refund Policy: CSA shareholders/members are seen as active partners in our farm community/enterprise and as such, share in the risks and rewards of the harvest each year. Members can of course cancel their subscription boxes at any time, but if you choose this option, we cannot offer a monetary refund for shares. By the time harvest delivery begins, the seeds and other inputs for your shares have already been purchased, planted, and maintained. By joining our CSA, you are committing to the entire CSA period you have signed up for. If you have unpaid installments, the full balance of all installments will still need to be paid either on the original schedule, or in a lump sum at the time of cancellation.

We gently recommend that folks who must cancel their CSA season elect to do one of the following: (1) give the remainder of your CSA share to a relative or friend, or (2) sell the remainder of your share to someone else who can utilize it. We recognize that the CSA partnership model is somewhat unique in today's consumer environment, and we appreciate your understanding and trust. We'll do our best to make our members happy and satisfied, and though our policy is outlined above, we are always willing to talk to folks about extreme extenuating circumstances while reserving the right to stick to the policy as written.

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